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A conversation between Narcissus Quagliata and his guests Kathy Jordan and Orfeo Quagliata

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    • The Business Life of an Artist | A conversation with Kathy Jordan & Orfeo Quagliata (Replay)

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Narcissus Quagliata and his guests Kathy Jordan and Orfeo Quagliata discuss different angles of how and why business decisions affect your career and growth as an artist.

As a Studio owner, Orfeo Quagliata brings into the conversation the point of view of an independent creator, who's building his own language and doing his own promotion. Kathy Jordan bridges both worlds, as owner of her own successful Art Studio, being a renowed art instructor, and most recently as Director of Art Development for Willet Hauser Architectural Glass. As a world renowed and accomplished stained glass artist, Narcissus Quagliata is inviting you to join the conversation, and looking forward to passing on his years of experience in art, business and making it happen.

Participating Guests:

Kathy Jordan

Kathy Jordan’s professional career in glass has spanned over three decades. She owned and operated a Philadelphia based stained-glass studio, established in 1987. The Art of Glass Incorporated operated with the primary focus on conserving and restoring historically significant stained-glass projects of all sizes across the country. Jordan is recognized and regarded as one of the leading glass painters and instructor in the United States. Trained in classical drawing, she vigorously sought out and studied with internationally known and well-respected glass artisans within the glass industry for over a quarter of a century, exploring and acquiring traditional and contemporary approaches. In 2014, Jordan was asked to join forces with Willet Hauser Architectural Glass as their Director of Art Development. This career shift merged her artistic ability and extensive experience with Consultants, Architects & Construction Management teams to her personal vitae of prestigious preservation contracts, awards, and philanthropic endeavors. Jordan oversees and manages quality control for all new window sales, working directly with the company Sales force, Design & Art Departments. In 2019, Kathy received the American Glass Guild’s Joseph Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution and service to the Glass Art Community. In 2020 Jordan was inducted into the UK, London livery, The Worshipful Company of Master Painters & Glaziers and was asked to judge their prestigious Stevens Completion for the past two years. Since the 2006 inception of the American Glass Guild, a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization, Kathy has served as volunteer, Auction Chair, Sponsorship Chair, Board member and now President. As President, Jordan is honored to represent and support the AGG's mission of education and outreach by encouraging the membership to share experiences, viewpoints, resources and most importantly their glass art. This platform led to her recent involvement with the International Year of Glass 2022’s planning efforts. On May 18th, a resolution was passed by the United Nations. Scientists, Technologists, Manufacturers, Educators and Artists celebrated the noble medium of Glass in concert with one another around the world. Jordan accepted the Co-Chair position, representing Art/Museum sector of the IYoG’s North American Steering Committee.

Orfeo Quagliata

Orfeo is an industrial designer who owes his sensitivity with glass art to his inspiration in the inherent sublime dynamism of this whimsical material and its ability to capture, bend and project light. Reinvention is his mojo and he is always experimenting with new techniques that push the physical constraints of the environment to release novel forms. Born in San Francisco in 1972 during an eclipse, raised in a community of artists, and inspired by alchemy, he developed a distinctive ethos and aesthetic that make his work exceptionally powerful and immediately recognizable. Orfeo acquired his glass skills, his sensitivity to color, and his desire to experiment by working and living in his father's glass studio. He then went on to study design at the California College of the Arts and grew more creative over time, breaking through new corners of the world where he could find and develop new techniques. During the beginning of the new century, he arrived in Mexico perceiving a characteristic opportunity of the country that supposes incomparable cultural diversity. His Studio uses techniques never seen before that come from the curiosity of its creator and his constant transformation. Two of them – Studio’s bestsellers - stand out for their application used in several collections. The Jimmiz Brainz technique was born from the inspiration in Jimmy Hendrix and his extravagant musical innovation, wildly amorphous forms that evoke the psychedelic era of free love of the 60s; Bubbles of boiled glass in brilliant colors float organically like a lava lamp suspended in time. On the other side, we find the Barcodes technique, multiple layers of vivid color compressed between transparent bands and an infinite variety, from subtle combinations to visually stunning breaks in each sequence. One of Orfeo's earliest and most popular experiments, these linear molten glass progressions combine a modern sense of order with moments of explosive fantasy. Throughout his career, Orfeo Quagliata has made different collaborations with different companies such as Swarovski, Samsung, Taracea, Pietra Gallery, Tomorrowland Tailors and RS Owens (those in charge of making the Oscar Awards statuettes) as well as clients from all over the world, from hotels and corporations to individuals. He has participated in important international art and design events such as Zona MACO, Design Week, Filux, NY Now and SOFA Chicago. In a significant way, Orfeo has impacted through his products the sensory world of the user and together with his latest collaborations, he has managed to emphasize a sense of exploration endowed with audacity that reinforces the meaning of visual communication. Orfeo Quagliata represents versatility in an unrivaled way, connecting everyday elements, designers, artists and companies with his unmatched talent and an extremely energetic fantasy experience


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