With Narcissus Quagliata and his guests: Lani McGregor, Dan Schwoerer, and David Judson

For almost one thousand years the only way to hold a glass image to the light has been to utilize traditional stained glass techniques, laboriously constructed with lead came.

Then suddenly, in the last thirty years everything changed, and making imagery with glass has become much closer to the art of painting and fusing in kilns was born.

How did this change happen? Why did it happen?

This Webinar will focus on the key roles of the Bullseye Glass Co. and the Judson Studio that made this historical shift possible and focus on their perspective as the risk-takers that made it all happen.

Narcissus Quagliata Presents:

A Zoom Webinar Session

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    Meltdown: Reflections on thirty years of innovation and the birth of a new language for image-making with glass

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Thursday, April 28th., 2022

2:00 PM Los Angeles

3:00 PM Denver

4:00 PM Chicago

5:00 PM New York

10:00 PM London

9:00 AM Auckland - Friday, 22

7:00 AM Sydney - Friday, 22

Experts Panel

Lani McGregor

Lani McGregor is the Director of Bullseye Projects. Prior to joining Bullseye Glass Co. in 1984, she operated a glass studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that specialized in kilnformed and flat architectural glass. In 1990, she established Bullseye’s Research and Education Department, developing its initial teaching programs. Today, with partner Dan Schwoerer, she shares two homes (USA and Scotland) that house extensive permanent and rotating collections of kiln-glass, open by appointment for individuals and groups wishing to study the ever-expanding field.

Daniel Schwoerer

Daniel Schwoerer graduated from the University of Wisconsin (BS Civil Engineering; MS Engineering Mechanics) where he also worked in the art department as graduate assistant to Professor Harvey Littleton in 1968-69. He then moved to Portland, Oregon, where he set up a glassblowing studio and later founded Bullseye Glass Company with partners Ray Ahlgren and Boyce Lundstrom. He and Lundstrom co-wrote Glass Fusing Book One. In addition to his tasks as CEO of Bullseye, Schwoerer researches and writes technical articles on glass and investigates leading-edge issues in kilnforming.

David Judson

David Judson is the fifth generation Judson family member to own and operate the Judson Studios. As the current president, David and his team bring a 21st century sensibility and technological savvy to this ancient craft, whether the client is a boutique hotel or a historic cathedral. A supporter of the arts like his great-great grandfather William Lees, David believes in maintaining a workplace that fosters creative expression. The Studio has hosted on-site art exhibitions, and our staff includes a diverse group of artists who bring fresh eyes to this meticulous process.

Narcissus Quagliata

Narcissus Quagliata is considered one of the most significant contemporary artists in glass. He has defined a new pathway for the art of glass and is best known for his spectacular artworks in public spaces, which have drawn worldwide attention. The Dome of Light: Wind, Fire, and Time is the largest illuminated glass dome in the world. It is situated in the Central Station of the newly built Kaohsiung Rapid Transit metro system and is a landmark that has now become a tourist destination in Southern Taiwan. His captivating glass dome for the entry rotunda of the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, designed by Michelangelo on the Roman ruins of the Baths of Diocletian in Rome, is well known for the use of light within the space to make manifest the movement and alignment of celestial bodies. His fine artworks in glass and his watercolors of the Archetypes and Mediterranean Treasures have been collected worldwide in museums and private collections. Most notably, these works are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York; De Young Museum in San Francisco; Oakland Museum in California; Chrysler Museum in Newport, VA; Museo de la Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia, Spain; and in the Southeast Cultural Foundation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


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